CYA Cover Your Assets is equipment and service tracking software made for the coffee industry.

CYA is designed to be easy for an industry that doesn't have time for difficult. It uses the GPS on your smart phones, plus the web, to create a digital link between your assets and your locations. Once you've "captured" an asset, it's in there once-and-for-all. Now you can keep track of where it goes and what happens to it without a lot of work. Micro-update with scans, touches and swipes on the fly and in the field. When you're ready, the data is there, ready to be revealed. 

CYA is designed by coffee people who know the industry. This is the asset tracking system we wish we had 20+ years ago when we started in coffee, selling, loaning, moving and, if we're really honest, losing all that equipment.

Stop using those excel sheets and capture your assets once-and-for-all with CYA. Finally, get control of your machines and get back to building your coffee brand.