Call 224-600-3264 to get help immediately. You can also email (or

If your CYA representative has invited you to join a video conference, click the CYA Help! logo and follow the instructions to enable an instant GoToMeeting in your browser. You can share your microphone, screen or camera by clicking the icons in the GoToMeeting control panel.

Service & Support Policy

General Policy: CYA is a Premium Quality Consulting (PQC) product. PQC seeks to deliver a responsiveness that matches the standards of service in the coffee industry.

On Call Hours: PQC Staff are on call via one of the support mechanisms outlined below from 8:00 AM EST until 11:00 PM EST Monday through Friday. PQC Staff are on call during weekends from 10:00 AM EST until 8:00 PM EST.

Geographic Area of Support: We currently provide support from the continental US, with support staff in multiple time zones (from EST to PST). Support for clients outside of the continental US will be negotiated individually.

Categories of Support: CYA understands that clients may have a range of questions or needs that broadly fit into one of the following support categories:

How To: Fundamentals of how to operate CYA either from the Web App using Google Chrome or from the Mobile app using Android or Apple smart phones.

Data Management: Questions or needs regarding the loading, manipulating, exporting or analysis of data within CYA.

Troubleshooting: Technical issues which can be resolved through phone or email support.

Technical Escalation: Technical issues that cannot be resolved through troubleshooting, which are escalated to IT for resolution.

Phone support: 224-600-3264. Phone support forwards to the personal cell phones of on call PQC staff, who seek to respond to all calls within two hours during week days and same day on weekends. PQC also provides customers with the personal cell phone numbers of the Principals of the company.

Email support: PQC email support routes to personal email of on-call staff, who seek to respond within two hours during week days and same day on weekends, either by email or by phone. Personal email addresses of the Principals of the Company are also available on request.

Video support: PQC can schedule video support (via GoToMeeting) for specific instruction or illustration of user questions or needs. Video meetings are scheduled through phone or email contacts and handled by on-call PQC staff.

Online Help Library: PQC videos and manuals can be accessed by going to

Service Escalation: Many needs can be handled through training or troubleshooting. If a challenge arises that cannot be handled through on-call support, PQC will escalate the issue to IT for resolution. IT will confirm receipt of escalation within 2 hours during the week and same day during the weekend, and will provide a resolution plan to client with expected steps and timing to solve issue within 12 hours. Some technical issues may require programming that will require software updates or versioning .

Data Backup and Security Measures: PQC uses the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure to store CYA data and house our software. AWS is a best-in-class, cloud-based, virtual environment that is known for consistent up-times, stability, and overall robustness. The CYA database is backed-up and stored daily via two disparate processes: One process is called a “snapshot” and copies the entire CYA AWS infrastructure, to include CYA data and source code, and stores it within the general AWS environment;The second procedure is a daily backup of the CYA database (going back 30 days) that moves copies of the database to a secondary, secure, cloud-based, non-AWS environment. Additionally, PQC has implemented AWS recommended Identity and Access Management (IAM) Best Practices in order to protect our AWS resources from unauthorized access.  Data sent to and received from our website, mobile apps, and CYA database is encrypted using an HTTPS protocol. 

Data Privacy Regulation Compliance: Please see our Privacy Policy.

Updates and Versioning: PQC is constantly working to improve the CYA Cover Your Assets web and mobile platforms. CYA will have minor updates which are populated to Google Chrome or the Android and Apple stores. Updates will happen automatically and will not be announced, but will be documented in release notes available at Major new versions of CYA will be launched officially, and will be announced through communication to clients and users .