CYA is an equipment service manager on your cell phone and the web

Intervention, your way

You are in control of what defines a service. Emergency repairs, quality controls, preventative maintenance, sales calls, PR visits, whatever you want. Create custom service calls on the fly or load details to the builder for auto-loading information. Control urgency, basic pricing and closing requirements. When you’re ready, download your data for use in other programs.

Attach and assign service easily

Service calls link with assets or locations with a touch on the mobile or an edit on the web. Assign them to members of your team or to third-party service partners who are authorized for location-specific views. The wrench indicates urgency, which you can define: green means you’ve got time, yellow means calls are pending; red means get there now!

Track history, contacts and results

Your mobile phone is a tool for recording the process and outcome of your calls. Like assets and locations, service calls can include notes, photos and other attachments. Service can be edited on the fly from the mobile or from the web app in the office. Take photos of the scene, attach specialized instructions or capture signatures of decision-makers.

Turn repeating tasks to profit

Service Icon Background.png

Interventions can repeat on your timeframe. Manage regular calendars for water filters, grinder blades, PMs—anything that you want—without having to review in monthly meetings or with complex invites. Set-it-and-go to stay on top of parts of your business that otherwise get forgotten.