CYA verifies your equipment list once-and-for-all

Tag your assets and record their details permanently

Once tagged with permanent asset identification numbers, your equipment list is clear and clean. Asset records include serial number, make, model, price and other details, plus attachments, photos, notes and a detailed history of interactions, changes and status. Once captured, you maintain your list with small micro-updates as you go about your business. Scanning the barcode with your smartphone affirms place, time and interaction. CYA accumulates information and tells you when something is out of step.

Stop using Excel sheets to keep track of things

CYA creates and maintains a reliable asset list (finally!). It works on your terms to clean up and preserve your equipment records. You can start immediately no matter how organized you are: load a well-maintained data set or begin scanning without any preparation. Repeating details live in the background, so when you find another version of that same model, the system auto fills for you. Create new assets on the fly from the mobile phone as you come upon them in the field. Assign pending barcodes to data you will confirm later.

Tells you when, where, who, what and why

CYA shows the status of your asset quickly using simple green, yellow, red indicators. You control the data, the timing and the priority. See a problem? Drill down for more detail. The bar code indicator shows how long has it been since you scanned the asset: Green means it was recently; yellow means it’s been a while; and red means it’s been too long. The pin indicator shows whether the asset was where you expected it to be when you scanned it: Green means it was; red means it wasn’t. The wrench indicator shows the urgency of active service calls: Green means you’ve got time; yellow means calls are pending; red means get there now!

Every action in CYA is recorded. Scans capture GPS, user and time. Assets keep their historical record no matter what happens to them, including notes, photos and attachments. That data accumulates while you work, ready to analyze when you want.

Your smart phone is your scanner

Scan Icon Background.png

CYA tags are printed on durable restaurant-resistant polypropylene. Your smart phones are ready-made scanners, so no need to purchase additional bar code readers. Your phone’s GPS confirms the scan of each asset, comparing with the address of the assigned location. CYA mobile is available from the Apple and Android app stores.

Edit quick and easy

Excel Icon Background.png

Change details or move assets between locations with a touch from the mobile or a mass edit from the web. Totals roll up by location and by sort choices, providing quick reference data at your fingertips. View and value your entire equipment base easily and efficiently. When you’re ready, upload or download to excel for use in other programs.