CYA reveals insightful data about your business 

The space and the process to manage your data

When you’re ready, the data in CYA is available for critical tasks.

With the CYA Asset module, your equipment list is clearer than it has ever been. You can depreciate, pay fees, file UCC forms, plan for taxes, make decisions about inventory, know what you’ve loaned to customers and evaluate the ROA on potential deals, because you actually have a list you can trust.

With the CYA service module you can see what you’ve done, who did it, when and why. You can create the service interventions that make sense for your company, attaching them to assets or locations and knowing your history in detail.

At all points in CYA, you can also record notes, take pictures and include attachments. When you want, it, data uploads and downloads to excel for use in other programs.

Whether you’re a tech in the field, a sales manager or a CEO, CYA allows you to manage your business.

Data accumulates while you work

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The daily activity of your company produces a tremendous amount of data: what, who, where, when, why. Through easy micro-updates—a scan here, an adjustment there—CYA captures the data that otherwise just disappears. Much of it is revealed, on the fly from the mobile or at the office from the web app. All of it can be downloaded for analysis and use in other programs.

Work with it the way you want it

CYA data can be added, edited and viewed from multiple angles. CYA list mass edit, quick edit, sort and arrange in the ways you want. You don’t have to be a computer nerd, be expert in pivot tables, or even spell correctly to use CYA. If you want to call a machine with a formal name or an abbreviation, have at it. Carefully fill in every field or use just the ones that mean something to you. It works for you, not the other way around.

Basic discovery

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Essential business information is captured and revealed by CYA without effort. Micro-updates by your team--the simple act of pointing the phone at the bar code sticker--maintains your records without conscious effort by your team. Reports allow you to discover the information that was there all along. Now you can answer basic questions: Where is my equipment? What is it worth? Where has it been? What are my largest accounts? Where can I gain advantage fast?

Custom discovery

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Additional reports are available which can leverage multiple levels of business analysis. Because CYA is part of Premium Quality Consulting, you also have access to analysis and advice on how you can improve company results.

  • Calculate depreciation of verified assets for tax purposes

  • Track the value of assets on loan by location for Use Tax Reporting

  • Calculate ROA on equipment loans by customer

  • Create additional customized reports and analysis for your business