CYA is affordable and easy to start using

Doesn’t cost an arm and a leg

What is it worth? What is it worth to finally have a reliable equipment list? To have the service history of a machine at your fingertips? To see loaned equipment totals at a glance? To be able to stop losing machines, buying inventory you already have or wondering which machine is which? What is it worth to no longer manage your equipment and service in the dark, by excel sheet or memory?

CYA has a flexible pricing model, depending on the structure of your company and the use of your team. We can charge by the user, by the location or by the asset. We can build a plan that make sense for your company. We will work with your team to determine the pricing model that you can afford. Contact us to talk through it now.

What does it take to get started?

No time to spend “implementing” software? We get it. The truth is, you can start without any preparation at all. We’ll send you a bunch of tags and you can start “capturing” machines tomorrow. You don’t need to prepare anything or plan ahead. Go about your regular business: find a machine, tag it, scan it. Move on and repeat. Your list is building in the background.

Room for a little more preparation? The system is designed to work for you. If you have a list of assets—even if you’re not certain the list accurate—it can be loaded ahead of time. Tags for machines can be printed in advance or reassigned on the fly. Assets you’re uncertain of can remain pending until confirmed in person. You can start with the data you have right now and affirm it as you go.

Service works in the same flexible way. You can pre-load an organized list of regular calls, with details, rules and pricing, or you can make up calls on the fly by simply typing in whatever you want when you’re standing in front of a broken machine. The list will build in the background, ready to repeat for the next call.

Our team will help.

We’re coffee people. We’ve spent our careers thinking about the taxonomy of the business. We understand models and types, emergency service and preventative maintenance. We’ve executed thousands of installations and repos. We know the mechanics of equipment loans, depreciation and return on investment. We’ve been there, countless times, on a Saturday to deliver a replacement machine, because that’s what you do in coffee. We’ve been there.

We’re here for you. We’ll help you clean things up and get organized. From making sure your list has the correct model numbers to working with you in the field, we’re ready to be part of your team. Contact us now to get started.