CYA verifies equipment, and then tracks where, when, how, who and why it is serviced.

Measure your business

Equipment is an expensive and important part of your business. The loss of just one or two pieces of equipment per year eliminates the profit from a lot of your team’s hard work. CYA Cover Your Assets allows you to set in motion the practice of periodic scanning and recording of equipment barcodes with geo-location that confirms your assets have not ‘walked away,' or if they have, helps you to locate them and correct your records.

CYA's service module enables you manage equipment interventions simply and easily, and even turn regular tech needs like water filtration and preventative maintenance into the profit centers you always imagined they could be. CYA also allows you to check and manage important business KPIs, such as your total value of equipment loaned in aggregate or by account and your ROA (Return on Asset Loaned) by account. It also helps you improve your ratio of working to non-working assets. At tax time, your CYA data will help you calculate depreciation and use tax.

"CYA works for any size coffee company. Small companies can cover the cost of their subscription with the savings of just a few people-hours per week, hours that your employees may spend looking for your assets instead of growing your business. Larger companies, with substantial assets, can see big gains and use the increased visibility to manage KPIs, and generate financial reports. CYA can help improve your business results because it helps you understand your business better."   - Jan Anderson, CEO

Know Your Business

CYA comes with a web-based administration platform that allows you to view and value your entire equipment base easily and efficiently, helping you manage important business KPIs, and so you don’t invest in new equipment when you can easily locate idle or under-performing assets.

Just like on the mobile app, the same indicator lights—green, yellow and red—communicate the status of each machine and help you and your field team manage your assets quickly and clearly.

As CYA Admin, you can empower your users to become a mobile field team verifying your assets as they go about their daily business. You decide who has access, who can edit, add locations, modify assets, or simply scan.

CYA Admin Platform Allows You To:

  • Produce a verified list of assets for use with financial partners
  • Create a report that shows the total value of your equipment base, or break it out by account, machine type, or age
  • Review stickered and scanned equipment and locations
  • Review exceptions, such as equipment that needs to be scanned (out of date) and equipment that last scanned out of assigned location
  • Locate missing assets by identifying the last location, date and time it was scanned
  • Locate non-working assets in repair depot or warehouse for deployment to the field