CYA was created by coffee people for coffee people

CYA is a product of Premium Quality Consulting LLC. Founded by a team of coffee and technology experts who have worked in the beverage industry for over twenty years, PQC is a multi-disciplinary company offering consulting, data reports and coffee technology. We work with companies of all sizes to improve brand appeal, marketing, sales and distribution strategies. We improve consumer and customer experience, operational efficiency and bottom line results. Learn more at

Jan CYA Portrait.jpg

Jan Anderson, President

For over 25 years, Jan has successfully navigated periods of big change and growth in the coffee industry. Prior to joining Premium Quality Consulting, Jan founded and led three start-up companies, including a coffee distribution and service business in New York City and the consumer goods company FrancisFrancis!

"We designed CYA with 20+ years of experience selling, loaning, servicing, moving, tracking and, if we're honest, losing, machines. We understand how useful it would be to have insight into the impact that an asset base is really having on a business. This is the app we wish we had back when we started." 


Dan Web Portrait.jpg

Dan McCloskey, Chief Creative Officer

Creative solutions and customer service are at the center of Dan's two decades in coffee. Selling coffee, training and creating programming since the mid 1990s, Dan has been involved in just about every scenario, from local sales in small restaurants to international deals with thousands of locations. 

"We know there is a real need to track assets in the industry. We know first-hand because we've been in this business our entire lives. We also know that in order for software to be adopted by this industry, it has to work on the industry's terms. So, we made CYA easy, so people can get control of their machines and get back to building their brands."

Sean CYA Portrait.jpg

Sean Birmingham, Chief Technology Officer

As CTO, Sean turns ideas of how to improve the industry into real tools that work. Prior to joining Premium Quality Consulting, Sean was a successful software developer who led and built enterprise-level, multi-user software initiatives for the Federal Reserve System. 

"We designed CYA with the idea of making it 'thumb driven.' That is, it should be simple enough to control with one hand. It should be intuitive and must be used without frustrating  'implementation.' You don't need a bunch of training or planning: you can get started with one machine and go from there."